It all started...

in October 2016, five LGBTQ POC organizers met in an apartment to talk about our dreams for our community. If Seattle's ball and house culture is going to connect with the broader queer/trans family, we needed to build a safe space to house them.

Since then, Diego Jose and Jade Dynasty have led the QTPOC Kiki to support our community and celebrate house/ball culture. We spend time on dance and runway, connecting over queer art, discussing issues in our community, and celebrating each other's successes.

Our kikis extend beyond studio time to BBQs, beach jams, skate rink parties, and more for the greater QTPOC community in Seattle.


Our studio partner is DASS Dance @ MLK F.A.M.E. Center

For the current information on our Kiki, please ask to join our Facebook Group or contact us.